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Coming July, the Wahoo will start its great adventure; Peter Reist, aka Grötschel, realizes his dream and starts his cruise across the globe. The sailboat will be reaching the sea via the Rhone in Marseille and start its journey from there. First destinations: the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, further on maybe the Canaries.


We regularly plan offshore cruises. Book your spot in advance!

More information and reservation at: Nick Benz 079 343 22 73.


2001, Grötschel bought an aluminum hull and started to build his ship in the Emmental, in a backyard of a factory.

13 years later, he has finished this challenge and in May 2014, the Wahoo hit the water for the first time.

Ever since, one can meet her on Lake Biel, under sail or unhurriedly lying at anchor near St. Peters Island.

Boat data 
Length over all 12.5 m
Sail area 70 m2
For 6 persons