Pass the motorboat exam for cat. A

MOTORBOat school at lake biel

We will lead you proficiently and quickly through the exam.

Motorboat licence cat. A

Our motorboat school at Lake Biel offers up-to-date training on a Finn Master 610 (outboard motor 115 PS) with electronic circuitry, or on a Ocqueteau 645 (rigid power unit 120 PS). Both boats have a cabin heating available.

All our training lessons are held by certified, state-recognized sailing instructors.


Motorboat exams are also taken during winter. It is worth to go for this formation in the off-season. You benefit from calmer waters, less traffic on the lake and mostly weaker winds.


Finn Master: Nana

The Finn Master is a good-tempered and ideal motorboat for instruction. You learn all necessary maneuvers like landing, man overboard, mooring, knot technics and locate. You get acquainted with the circumstances on and the harbours around Lake Biel.

Ocquetau: Balu

The Ocqueteau as well is a sweet-tempered and very stable and robust boat. On this boat you learn the maneuvers with a rigid drive shaft. On this boat we offer as well courses for navigation and radar.

CHF 100.00 per hour*

* Private lesson: CHF 100.00 per hour | In a pair: CHF 50.00 per hour per person